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Anomaly Democracy
In addition to disaster season, in Indonesia is also ongoing campaign season. Do not be surprised if the whole point of the road and dipohon tree, which looks a sight banners, billboards, and famplet-famplet of candidates. Employers screen printing and printing gathering popularity musih like mushrooms in the rain.

However, there is also a very exaggerated candidates in a campaign rally, speech and tagline in the banner they were very visible with ambition and sell yourself. What and how politics actually Indonesia today? What is the spirit behind the campaign of the candidates? How do we address this?

This site interview with Abdul-Aziz El Haqqy. Men born Enrekang, South Sulawesi, on August 18, 1986 is now active in Student Association and Student Youth Massendrengpulu (HPPM), Jakarta. Aziz, once called a former member of the cadre of the Social Democratic Labor Party in 2002 when he was hit in Bontang bangsu high school.

Besides mastering the economic field, he also has a keen interest in thinking and politics. He once wrote an article entitled "Hegemony Power" , and thinking of articles "Civilization Existentialism" . He did not explain in detail whether the writing is already done. He was very concerned about the explore different disciplines. "Our scholars had to master various fields of science well. They are multidisciplinary," he said, pointing to the figure of al-Ghazali, al-Razi, Ibn Sina, Ibn Taymiyya, and so on.

Dikediamannya interviewed in Ainuddin Numbers Tirtajaya, Kota Depok. Following excerpt:

Since high school you have a great interest in politics, what is the background?
Exactly. My interest was actually born from a very simple idea. At that time I think that for the interests of Muslims have certainly supported by legislators who have the vision and mission are clearly in the interests of Muslims.

means that your interest is more to the demands of ideology, right?
Given Indonesia as a very diverse country, so whoever is sitting majority in parliament then the resulting product will Act terwarnai by kemayoritasan join them. I mean, if sitting in parliament, the majority Muslims are loyal to the Islamic order of life, it will be implications for the products produced legislation which would favor the application of Islamic values. So that my underlying rerjun to the world of practical politics is more directed to the enforcement ideolgi Muslims in this country.

you said earlier that kemayoritasan very decisive, if it does not conflict with Islamic principles of anti-democracy?
That is, because Islam is against democracy Islamic Ummah must be a lot of representatives in parliament. If the dominant parliamentary seats are filled by the do-no clear vision and mission, although he admitted his struggle of Islam, I think it would be very detrimental Islamic ummah itself as termayoritas citizens in this country.

you want to say that Islam must accept democracy as a system?
Of course not. As I said early, I just gave a recommendation that Muslims should sit in parliament, the dominant virus of democracy that are the basis for the system in many countries in the world did not hold was cheered, and in fact did not provide anything except meaningless or group dominance is more directed mobokrasi practice. Of course I mean that legislators should sit in parliament are those who actually understand the concept and the true Islamic ethics. This anomaly-Islamic democracy actually. I am also not able to find the gaps.

But, this time for our legislators should be through the democratic process. How do you see this?
In my opinion, electoral systems existing today could be said better and a step forward even though the ideology is still very far from what we expect. But as good citizens, this achievement should be proud of. Provided that took place in an honest and by election contestants bekreasi accordance with the rules, I am optimistic that this election will go well and safe.

In fact, many of the Muslims as voters still lay in the channeling of political aspirations. Your response?
That is one side of the weaknesses of our current society is still not a political literacy. Their voices are often exploited by those who have an ambitious political libido. Mnyikapi so for this issue, it must be returned to the contestants in the election, whether they want to move forward with a cunning way to deceive the people or do they go because it's willing to fight for the people.

But I hope, I hope the people who are ignorant rather than added on bodohin. On the other hand in fact, the majority of people are smart enough to distribute politiknnya rights. I really appreciate some of the media who have given political education to the public in a way a way that I think quite familiar and simple but easy to digest.

What are the critical issues to the attention ahead of elections in 2009 do you think?
First; the participants do not deserve election promises false promises to the people. Besides that, which often happens is the practice of money politic whether it is a very subtle form of the envelope or in the form of commodities. All this must be our common concern for this election will proceed smoothly without having to perform covert campaign. People are not blind. If a candidate is really true that capable, honest, trustworthy, sincere, then the people would choose it without even campaign.

election this year just seemed cool cool, what is it really?
Yaa .. Perhaps people are bored with election election that had been going on everywhere. People may see that the regent election results, Governor, or Member of the Board, it does not make a dramatic change for the welfare of the people. This we can see with the action golput rampant in some local elections and seemed to be this golput action will be repeated again in the general election this time.

This can be seen from the lack of public enthusiasm for the democratic party which will take place shortly. And indeed, the public is how they managed to choose as the new pemimpoin, their economic conditions will also be improved in accordance with the promise of these elected leaders pledge. But in reality, people still are on the poverty line is very sad.

Is this condition also the influence of the democratic system?
I think, we do not need to highlight further the democratic system with the condition of our society who do not really care about whether the concept of democracy or not. But what is clear in my opinion, the public was very saturated with kepapahan conditions that did not improve even though they have to earn a fortune the bone slam tens years. But it is indirectly, the concept of our constitutional democracy embracing at least a major impact on the sustainability of community life.

golput About fatwa haram, how do you rate it?
I do not allege that the fatwa was political charge. But we can see from the originator of unlawful discharge golput fatwa which in quotation marks, on the ride by some political elites. But in my opinion, this remains a good side, because with the fatwa would be more burdened society to not golput. So that more people are expected to actively participate in political rights.

Can you mention the politicians behind golput unlawful discharge of this fatwa, who are they?
I think, to name it something that is not ethical. But if you want to know personally, may you come to the office and asked the MUI Data Center data to the committee .... hahahaha or please go to open the newspaper, I think the name is my name does not mean foreign kok.

There is a message for the people of Indonesia before the 2009 elections?
The most important thing people should be selective in choosing their representatives for the current market is like the nomination of members legisltaif job, where all levels of society could have to perform, even without having the capabilities and qualifications to serve as a politician who has a big responsibility. My message, choose a leader who can actually fight for the people of worse off.


NB: This interview was conducted well before the April 2009 elections. However, this was the first time can be written.

Start the Bung Aziz, thank you for the interview prepared by me even though eye tends not to be compromised by night more soundly in silence.

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