Kamis, 23 April 2009
The struggle Roy
It is to put the stomach just takes hard work. Life is to be moved. Likewise did the Roy. He had to slam tireless bone pile for food that could eliminate sore belly. Roy was not fat stature. Very thin and even.

Roy is the type of hard worker relentless. When hunger comes whipping, he was moving and doing the monitoring. Such is the SWOT analysis. Day pass the day that Roy is not always beautiful. Multiplied by the time he could have success with getting profitable booster stomach. But at other times life could be threatened. But once again, this one Roy did seem high-minded. He should be nicknamed "The Hard Worker"

I also do not know why he was called The Roy. And he's just a quirky cat Lecture participating in Dormitory Dai Mandiri Bogor. Roy's name also does not seem to fit with the all-shabby himself. He called Paijo fitting, more typical of the village. Roy is more appropriate when used cat fur fur city maintained it.

According to several colleagues there, he was called so because the fun just friends. Even so, Roy's name was attached tightly to the figure of a cat is not macho. He was only a cat ndeso far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I myself took this picture. Exactly the day Sunday, 22/03/09 Bogor Laladon me to follow and cover the event Christology renovation Training . As a guest speaker is from Garamatan Fadhlan Ustadz AFKN Foundation (Al-Fatih Kaafah Nusantara) and Ustadz Papua Province. Kodiran Salim, Independent Researcher Cross Scripture.

This started when the prayer was finished Dhuhur, lunch was served already. After lunch, the trash bin boxes incorporated into the former mineral water. After that cardboard boxes are pushed aside into a corner. Not discarded. Soon the show begins. Roy Kinilah time for action.

Berlangsungh next session. Roy started the action. While participants had fun listening to the speaker speaks, Roy came up with a hunger that may be unbearable. Moreover, he was previously only as a loyal audience, although occasionally flirting with eleusan body, the instinct to eat it even more peaked. Following Roy's actions had caught the camera:

Action # 1
 With one leg raised like a champ kungfu, Roy seems to try hard to reach something. There are rumors, headache empty stomach, empty barrels cat dies. This rumor is true. Roy had felt it. If this box is empty without the bones, how the destruction of the liver The Roy. Roy's selection seemed decent food in his stomach consumption.

Action # 2
 Not satisfied only search the surface, Roy continued his search harder. He sniffed the head if there were fresh fish or bones. The two front legs have come perfectly paw.

Action # 3
 Roy got something. He shifted slightly ketengah. His head sunk in a box, whether doing there. Energy accumulated in the front legs. Seoke of smell may also be installed.

Action # 4
 Fuuh, just be bones. Bone dilicintandaskannya instantly. He was so hungry.

Action # 5
 Despite the wrapped and covered with layers of strong, crackle Itupun tore. Roy seemed disappointed. He did not get something that can fill his stomach. Only a bone can not mengenyangkannya. Oh Roy, what a pity thee.

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