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Ahmad Rivai: "Mathematics are the most hard"
National Exam (UN) High School equivalent, ended Friday (24 / 4). The majority of participants from the UN Hidayatullah Bontang high school math test assessing the most delicate. "Math Problem of the most difficult. Question because many were not tested in Test Power Take or try out the school," said Ahmad Rivai, third grade high school students Hidayatullah Bontang.

Rivai a former caretaker admits OSIS overwhelmed when working on math exam. Overall, according to Rivai, questions about the UN 2009 tested on it too heavy and very little appropriate or at least similar to that tested in the Test Take Power. "In my opinion, only about 20 percent ever tested in the try out" he continued.

In line with Rivai. Ahmad Fauzan and Rahmat Hidayat of the same class, also admitted equally complex mathematical problems with the English question. However, they sure pass. "I am optimistic graduated 100 percent," said Fauzan.

Ahmad Fauzan the birth of this Balikpapan had confessed excited when I was just entering the first day of UN 2009. "Not because there are students of his daughter, but there is anxiety fear ga graduated" he said with a smile. But when it entered the second day onwards, Fauzan you feel more comfortable, "Alhamdulillah enjoy" he said excitedly.

"I have troubles in English when the listening sessions" said Rahmat added.

UN announcement of the second week in June
Separately, Head of Secondary Education (Dikmen) Bontang Education Agency, Anwar Sanusi revealed, from the UN 1286 high school participants and Social Science, and Vocational many as 808 people, only one student from SMK Regomasi who do not follow the UN and the obligation to undertake follow-up examination , Monday (27 / 4).

"Candidates who do not take the test only one person, because it did not take the test during the second day, Tuesday (21 / 4), so that only one follow-up eye exams" he added as the page Tribun Timur.

Anwar is said, was from the same source, the implementation of UN High School or equivalent on the basis of evaluation while P and K Office held safe, smooth and there is no indication of leakage problems. UN announcement will be the second week of June.

Anwar asked third grade students continue to prepare ourselves to follow the SLC School (UAS) which was held Monday (4 / 5) through Thursday (7 / 5). Because, no less decisive UAS like the UN.

"UAS as important as the UN, if they do not pass the U.S. so they will not the UN pass, and vice versa," explains Anwar. For material about the U.S., comes from the Consultative Group of Guru Mata Pelajaran (MKGMP) Bontang. [tt / ain]

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Anticipation Health Department Flu Swin
The more widespread issue of swine flu that has hit several countries, including Mexico which was infected, the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Health to anticipate the early spread of the swine flu virus. As Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2PL) Ministry of Health, Tjandra Yoga Aditama, as quoted by the Ministry of Health website, department of health has enabled thermal scanner (switching temperature).

That, said Aditama, to monitor those who enter through the airport or port. "We also continued to perform intensive koordiansi referral hospitals in their places" he said as quoted Aditama, Monday (27/04) today.

Swift movement of the relevant Ministry of Health was the first virus to attack a young woman of 19 years in Imperial County and a son aged 10 years in San Diego County, the U.S., this is done also with the opening of telephone service (021) 4257125 to accommodate the reporting swine flu suspicions.

Coordination is also being implemented with the relevant parties to prevent this swine flu. "Ministry of Health has also been coordinating with the Director General of Animal Husbandry Department of Agriculture to anticipate the spread of swine flu," explained Aditama

As reported by Antara News Agency, swine flu in humans have been found in the Imperial and San Diego in Southern California, USA, Wednesday (22/09) and. Furthermore, these sources, although the disease usually results in respiratory problems in pigs, swine flu rarely attack humans. But even so, we must remain cautious. [* Ayn /]

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