Minggu, 26 April 2009
Rohman Abdul Manap Come "Peaceful Election"
You know Columns Tutorial Blogspot blogs are famous? yes, behind the greatness that is also an occasional blog about the tutorial discusses wordpress, google adsense, and others that there are other generous people behind it. In the header just blog written tagline "The Beauty of Sharing". He is Rohman Abdul Manap, he was usually called Kang Rohman.

Do not be surprised if it turns out the man who lives in Bandung and working in one software company in Jakarta is not set in the IT field of science discipline. "I am self-taught, all I learned on the internet" he said as written in a blog posting on it.

In fact, I Rohman, when he was still unemployed and want to find a job, he told his friend find a job news on the internet and send a proposal via email. "Never mind the email, Google only time I do not know, being what it is" funny Rohman recalled.

That bit of experience in the world of IT Rohman. Today, this cool-looking guy was a "celebrity" blogger Indonesia, even the world.

Just so you know, the template / layout blogger who is not his work was not just a little in enjoyed by the insiders, but also from abroad. Evidenced by the number of incoming comments in English on the English edition of the blog asked about the design and blogs.

In addition, this Sunda blooded male has a nice extra income from the internet. Even income exceeds the amount of his salary from where he works, "yes, it is enough to feed the children and wife for several months" he said, still in one's writing on their blogs.

Come to enliven Contest "Peace Campaign Indonesia Election 2009"
It is said Rohman, participation in the contest Peace SEO Indonesia Election Campaign 2009 organized by Pogung177 actually just come brisk. "I did not expect to win, anyways my SEO knowledge is very superficial. As a cheerleader is not what what is it?" he said jokingly.

Rohman believed and believe that the hundreds of millions of Indonesia Indonesia wants the 2009 general election is like to walk safely, smoothly, and successful. "There need be no conflict, let alone the noise no bloodshed. Therefore Peace Campaign 2009 Election Indonesia should always voiced, agreed?" Rohman wrote in one of the temaKampanye Peace postingannya Indonesia Election 2009. agree ..!!!

Source Photo: kolom-Tutorial.blogspot.com

Sumber Foto: Kolom-Tutorial.blogspot.com


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