Kamis, 23 April 2009
Not Complete, Call Return and Start Again
Hasan, not his real name, dither. He should return "slam bones" to simply make a report on the use of funds donated have been in one of the Islamic Financial Institution in Jakarta. Hasan had repeatedly made and send the report but always mental, ditolak.ogor report

Since last Wednesday (22/04), Hasan who worked as a secretary to one of community empowerment Institute in East Jakarta was bathed in sweat. That day, a few sheets of print-where nannya scattered around. "Sprue again. Stress I think" selorohnya.

Office without Air Conditioner makes it even more heat. The fan is mounted in the sky sky flying office papers often only existing paper.

Subsidies from the providers are very strict requirements. chapters, Financial Institutions also have an obligation to report to the utilization of donor danannya. Hasan is not alone. Some institutions that receive funds from the same institutions are also often confused in making the report.

Reportedly, not one or two times it rejected the report, even several times. The reason of sorts. There are not yet perfect, there is not yet signed handle, and other matters important cases which the manufacturer may consider it unnecessary reports.

"However, this is a process to be better. So far, we do not know and did not implement systems and good management. Finally, as this has become" the children of this man.

Sabar ya Mr. Hasan. The man was infertile patient ...;)

Photo Credit: www.newamerica.net


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