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Dr. Adian Husaini: "Education, Roots of Liberalism"
Vice Chairman of the Commission on Interfaith Relations Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Center, Adian Husaini said that the current education movement has become the basis of liberalism. It was stated Adian as a speaker at the Islamic Family Pengajian (PAKIS) IV in musholla Baabul Jannah, Castle Insani Sector I Block E-Grand Depok City, on Sunday morning (19/04), yesterday.

According to Adian, education became the basis of the liberals to continue to spread their understanding of the educated. Their efforts are not playing games. They are big sponsors and lots. Their movements, by Adian, referred to as "The Liberalization of Language".

"In the world of education, they then perform distortion of thought and teachings of Islam" he concluded.

"What is considered outstanding and intelligent universiras university sekolahkan famous in Europe, the target for a fighter Estafeta this liberal thinking" continued Lecturer Postgraduate University Ibn Khaldun on the study with the theme: "Dismantling Liberalization Movement mask of Islam in Indonesia" is.

The Liberal Islam also tend to force the naming and labeling that makes the face of Islam is cruel and gratuitous. Actually, firmly Adian, in Islam there is no such term Moderate Islam, Fundamental Islam, the Islamic militants, Islamic Puritans, and other nickname nickname.

Islam is only one, namely Islam who follow the Qur'an and As Sunnah. And imaging labels attached to the Islam that was then a major impact on the Islamic Ummah.

"Thousands of Muslims who died in Afghanistan but no one protested, just because they have been branded as Islamic militants by the media. Militant connotation is more directed to acts of terrorism, so we have regarded them as terrorists. We have been trapped in a distortion that was built by the media who are pro-liberal "Adian said he had just earned a doctorate in the field of Islamic civilization with very good title at the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM-ISTAC) with a dissertation titled : Exclusivism and Evengelisme in The Second Vatican Council: A Critical Reading of the Second Vatican Councils Documents in The Light Of The Ad Gentes And The Nostra Aetate.

"The Liberal Islam and his followers had built the strength and a new attack called by the term The Liberalization of Language, liberalization through language. The language of their communication through the media sometimes do not feel fine has brought Muslims liberal thought pattern "he continued.

In line with Adian. Asep Syamsul M. Romli, S. IP in his book Islamic demonology, Western efforts Wipe out Islam Strength (GIP, 2000), explained that demonology is the portrayal of Islam or Islamic imagery as a demon (the devil, demons, or ghosts) that evil (evil) and cruel (cruel) . He also could mean a systematic engineering to place Islam and its people in order to be viewed as a very scary threat.

Demonology process takes place through a negative image about Islam and his fighters, through penjulukan-penjulukan terrorism, fundamentalism, mass media popularized.

Noam Chomsky, American linguist's leading express, worsening the image of Islam is part of the West, especially the superpower United States organize the world according to their interests again and again of course with the nearby sabahat lobby, Jewish.

Evidence "mutual love" America - Liberal Islam

Fatih Syuhud, Bachelor of Political Science, Agra University, India, in his "America and Islam Liberal" published Harian Pelita Jakarta, July 11, 2005, launch of a thick 525 page document, released by think tank the U.S. neo-conservative who is very influential and many support the White House policy, RAND Corporation, specially prepared for the air force (AU) the United States.

The document titled: Muslim World After 9 / 11, it underlines the U.S. strategy that will reduce the conditions that can create political and religious extremism and anti-American attitudes among the Muslim community of the world. In this document the U.S. suggest that creating and supporting a liberal Islamic network that consists of an international moderate Muslim who will be challenging the legitimacy of radical Islamist circles claim to speak on behalf of Islam, and offers a liberal understanding of religion.

Advanced Syuhud, this document warned that the liberal Islamic groups may lack the necessary financial resources to form a large network and therefore asked the U.S. to fund the various activities of these circles.

Of course, liberal Muslims who want to help, it is expected to focus their criticism on radical Islamist circles, and perhaps, be asked to remain silent sweet in so many errors of U.S. foreign policy, or loss of funds as the stakes.

Therefore, what the U.S. should do is find a way to neutralize the extremists with the help of moderate Muslims, without making any changes struktrual in terms of economic policy, politics and strategy.

With regard the problems of extremism as pure evil created by the Islamists, writes Syuhud, so this document focuses only on the issue of extremism in the name of Islam while not one mention of extremism that are not small by Jewish and Christian fundamentalists. The report also does not mention at all the American support for radical Islamists in the past (such as in Afghanistan against the Soviets) or the conservative Muslim groups in an effort to overcome the influence of the left, nationalists and anti-imperialist.

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