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Blind Joint Meeting of the Muslim
"Praise be to also" funny Rahmadi Hadi, Vice Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Muslim Blind (ITMI) Regional Executive Board of the East Jakarta, as has just set foot in Masjid Baitul Karim, Hidayatullah DPP Office Complex.
Hadi is not alone. Several other blind groups belonging to the organization that has up to 5 DPD kepengerusan in Jakarta area is also already arrived. They come in succession with one guide in front.

Their arrival on Saturday morning (25/09) yesterday was to attend the Joint Pengajian diselenggerakan by DPD ITMI East Jakarta. The event is held in partnership with the Postal Dai Hidayatullah with the support of Baitul Maal Hidayatullah this is not playing games.

Invited speakers are Sobari Asep Lc, researcher in history at the Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought & Civilization (INSISTS). The theme is appointed Palestinian History and the Nation of Israel. "Between February and March, the focus of study is more to football ITMI actions and movements of Secularism, Pluralism, and Liberalism" said Yogi Madsoni, ITMI Jakarta Regional Secretary who acted as moderator when delivered introduction.

According to Yogi, the study of this kind of study is very important for a better understanding of global Islam to Muslims and the blind as well as to other Muslims, "nevertheless, we also have great attention to problems that occurred in Palestine is" Pungkas Yogi.

It diamini Ponco Subagyo. Chairman of the Committee who is also Chairman of the Regional Leadership ITMI East Jakarta, was admitted several times carrying out the same activities with the study and a different theme. Poncho hope, with this kind of activity added to a sense of solidarity with other Muslims. "Because Islam is derived for the win over another ideology. Without a strong ukhuwwah, impossible could be achieved "said Ponco.

Solidarity Blind

The scene that looks at the Baitul Karim Mosque looks unique. The event which lasted until late Dhuhur was almost entirely filled by the blind. Despite looking like falling asleep when he heard the speaker presentation, their extraordinary enthusiasm when entering the term frequently asked questions.

Mr. Dadang, one questioner who was blinded permanently (total Blaind) since this small show of hands. "Can you explain more about the history of thought and Shaykh Abdul Qodir Gilani" said Dadang comment on one part of the speaker had discussed. Dadang seemed not too pleased.

Until late in Dhuhur time, questions the blind continue to flow. They do not just ask, there is also a protest and ask for further clarification.

Touching, they have a very big concern for other Muslims, especially in Palestine, "they are there in Palestine is our brother. The atmosphere there is already gradually cool, but we should not be silent, too "said Budi Hermawan, one blind www.hidayatullah.or.id encountered when the show ended.

"I want to deepen their knowledge about the ins and outs SEPILIS easy not to succumb to the misguided thinking" says Ahmad, the other blind.

randomness Opinion About Jewish
Asep delivery Sobari in explaining that the problem is happening in Palestine still remains a supremely wounds in. Until now, according to Asep, many of the Muslims who think that the tragedy of Palestine is only a matter of purely humanitarian, not a religious war. Such thinking was born and spread due to rush of media opinion and scientific description was correct.

"This is especially digencarkan by those who have been affected by the virus sepilis. They are trying to build an opinion that could mislead the Muslims to be more muted response to the Palestinian problem, or even condone Israeli aggression on the Palestinian militias "Pungkas this Gontor Alumni.

It said Asep, the science that should be taken to the netherworld as stock, it just stopped on this earth. No doubt, many people are labeled as Muslim intellectuals, but it has bablas mindset. This is unfortunate Graduate S1 in Munawwaroh Islamic University of Medina, Saudi Arabia is. "Science is not senmakin make them closer to God, but it added to much." Asep dear.

Thus, light Asep, the media is essential to master in order to compensate for the Muslims who attack sometimes frenzied distortion of the sepilis this. [* Ainuddin]

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