Senin, 27 April 2009
Ahmad Rivai: "Mathematics are the most hard"
National Exam (UN) High School equivalent, ended Friday (24 / 4). The majority of participants from the UN Hidayatullah Bontang high school math test assessing the most delicate. "Math Problem of the most difficult. Question because many were not tested in Test Power Take or try out the school," said Ahmad Rivai, third grade high school students Hidayatullah Bontang.

Rivai a former caretaker admits OSIS overwhelmed when working on math exam. Overall, according to Rivai, questions about the UN 2009 tested on it too heavy and very little appropriate or at least similar to that tested in the Test Take Power. "In my opinion, only about 20 percent ever tested in the try out" he continued.

In line with Rivai. Ahmad Fauzan and Rahmat Hidayat of the same class, also admitted equally complex mathematical problems with the English question. However, they sure pass. "I am optimistic graduated 100 percent," said Fauzan.

Ahmad Fauzan the birth of this Balikpapan had confessed excited when I was just entering the first day of UN 2009. "Not because there are students of his daughter, but there is anxiety fear ga graduated" he said with a smile. But when it entered the second day onwards, Fauzan you feel more comfortable, "Alhamdulillah enjoy" he said excitedly.

"I have troubles in English when the listening sessions" said Rahmat added.

UN announcement of the second week in June
Separately, Head of Secondary Education (Dikmen) Bontang Education Agency, Anwar Sanusi revealed, from the UN 1286 high school participants and Social Science, and Vocational many as 808 people, only one student from SMK Regomasi who do not follow the UN and the obligation to undertake follow-up examination , Monday (27 / 4).

"Candidates who do not take the test only one person, because it did not take the test during the second day, Tuesday (21 / 4), so that only one follow-up eye exams" he added as the page Tribun Timur.

Anwar is said, was from the same source, the implementation of UN High School or equivalent on the basis of evaluation while P and K Office held safe, smooth and there is no indication of leakage problems. UN announcement will be the second week of June.

Anwar asked third grade students continue to prepare ourselves to follow the SLC School (UAS) which was held Monday (4 / 5) through Thursday (7 / 5). Because, no less decisive UAS like the UN.

"UAS as important as the UN, if they do not pass the U.S. so they will not the UN pass, and vice versa," explains Anwar. For material about the U.S., comes from the Consultative Group of Guru Mata Pelajaran (MKGMP) Bontang. [tt / ain]

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Anticipation Health Department Flu Swin
The more widespread issue of swine flu that has hit several countries, including Mexico which was infected, the Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Health to anticipate the early spread of the swine flu virus. As Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health (P2PL) Ministry of Health, Tjandra Yoga Aditama, as quoted by the Ministry of Health website, department of health has enabled thermal scanner (switching temperature).

That, said Aditama, to monitor those who enter through the airport or port. "We also continued to perform intensive koordiansi referral hospitals in their places" he said as quoted Aditama, Monday (27/04) today.

Swift movement of the relevant Ministry of Health was the first virus to attack a young woman of 19 years in Imperial County and a son aged 10 years in San Diego County, the U.S., this is done also with the opening of telephone service (021) 4257125 to accommodate the reporting swine flu suspicions.

Coordination is also being implemented with the relevant parties to prevent this swine flu. "Ministry of Health has also been coordinating with the Director General of Animal Husbandry Department of Agriculture to anticipate the spread of swine flu," explained Aditama

As reported by Antara News Agency, swine flu in humans have been found in the Imperial and San Diego in Southern California, USA, Wednesday (22/09) and. Furthermore, these sources, although the disease usually results in respiratory problems in pigs, swine flu rarely attack humans. But even so, we must remain cautious. [* Ayn /]

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Minggu, 26 April 2009
Anomaly Democracy
In addition to disaster season, in Indonesia is also ongoing campaign season. Do not be surprised if the whole point of the road and dipohon tree, which looks a sight banners, billboards, and famplet-famplet of candidates. Employers screen printing and printing gathering popularity musih like mushrooms in the rain.

However, there is also a very exaggerated candidates in a campaign rally, speech and tagline in the banner they were very visible with ambition and sell yourself. What and how politics actually Indonesia today? What is the spirit behind the campaign of the candidates? How do we address this?

This site interview with Abdul-Aziz El Haqqy. Men born Enrekang, South Sulawesi, on August 18, 1986 is now active in Student Association and Student Youth Massendrengpulu (HPPM), Jakarta. Aziz, once called a former member of the cadre of the Social Democratic Labor Party in 2002 when he was hit in Bontang bangsu high school.

Besides mastering the economic field, he also has a keen interest in thinking and politics. He once wrote an article entitled "Hegemony Power" , and thinking of articles "Civilization Existentialism" . He did not explain in detail whether the writing is already done. He was very concerned about the explore different disciplines. "Our scholars had to master various fields of science well. They are multidisciplinary," he said, pointing to the figure of al-Ghazali, al-Razi, Ibn Sina, Ibn Taymiyya, and so on.

Dikediamannya interviewed in Ainuddin Numbers Tirtajaya, Kota Depok. Following excerpt:

Since high school you have a great interest in politics, what is the background?
Exactly. My interest was actually born from a very simple idea. At that time I think that for the interests of Muslims have certainly supported by legislators who have the vision and mission are clearly in the interests of Muslims.

means that your interest is more to the demands of ideology, right?
Given Indonesia as a very diverse country, so whoever is sitting majority in parliament then the resulting product will Act terwarnai by kemayoritasan join them. I mean, if sitting in parliament, the majority Muslims are loyal to the Islamic order of life, it will be implications for the products produced legislation which would favor the application of Islamic values. So that my underlying rerjun to the world of practical politics is more directed to the enforcement ideolgi Muslims in this country.

you said earlier that kemayoritasan very decisive, if it does not conflict with Islamic principles of anti-democracy?
That is, because Islam is against democracy Islamic Ummah must be a lot of representatives in parliament. If the dominant parliamentary seats are filled by the do-no clear vision and mission, although he admitted his struggle of Islam, I think it would be very detrimental Islamic ummah itself as termayoritas citizens in this country.

you want to say that Islam must accept democracy as a system?
Of course not. As I said early, I just gave a recommendation that Muslims should sit in parliament, the dominant virus of democracy that are the basis for the system in many countries in the world did not hold was cheered, and in fact did not provide anything except meaningless or group dominance is more directed mobokrasi practice. Of course I mean that legislators should sit in parliament are those who actually understand the concept and the true Islamic ethics. This anomaly-Islamic democracy actually. I am also not able to find the gaps.

But, this time for our legislators should be through the democratic process. How do you see this?
In my opinion, electoral systems existing today could be said better and a step forward even though the ideology is still very far from what we expect. But as good citizens, this achievement should be proud of. Provided that took place in an honest and by election contestants bekreasi accordance with the rules, I am optimistic that this election will go well and safe.

In fact, many of the Muslims as voters still lay in the channeling of political aspirations. Your response?
That is one side of the weaknesses of our current society is still not a political literacy. Their voices are often exploited by those who have an ambitious political libido. Mnyikapi so for this issue, it must be returned to the contestants in the election, whether they want to move forward with a cunning way to deceive the people or do they go because it's willing to fight for the people.

But I hope, I hope the people who are ignorant rather than added on bodohin. On the other hand in fact, the majority of people are smart enough to distribute politiknnya rights. I really appreciate some of the media who have given political education to the public in a way a way that I think quite familiar and simple but easy to digest.

What are the critical issues to the attention ahead of elections in 2009 do you think?
First; the participants do not deserve election promises false promises to the people. Besides that, which often happens is the practice of money politic whether it is a very subtle form of the envelope or in the form of commodities. All this must be our common concern for this election will proceed smoothly without having to perform covert campaign. People are not blind. If a candidate is really true that capable, honest, trustworthy, sincere, then the people would choose it without even campaign.

election this year just seemed cool cool, what is it really?
Yaa .. Perhaps people are bored with election election that had been going on everywhere. People may see that the regent election results, Governor, or Member of the Board, it does not make a dramatic change for the welfare of the people. This we can see with the action golput rampant in some local elections and seemed to be this golput action will be repeated again in the general election this time.

This can be seen from the lack of public enthusiasm for the democratic party which will take place shortly. And indeed, the public is how they managed to choose as the new pemimpoin, their economic conditions will also be improved in accordance with the promise of these elected leaders pledge. But in reality, people still are on the poverty line is very sad.

Is this condition also the influence of the democratic system?
I think, we do not need to highlight further the democratic system with the condition of our society who do not really care about whether the concept of democracy or not. But what is clear in my opinion, the public was very saturated with kepapahan conditions that did not improve even though they have to earn a fortune the bone slam tens years. But it is indirectly, the concept of our constitutional democracy embracing at least a major impact on the sustainability of community life.

golput About fatwa haram, how do you rate it?
I do not allege that the fatwa was political charge. But we can see from the originator of unlawful discharge golput fatwa which in quotation marks, on the ride by some political elites. But in my opinion, this remains a good side, because with the fatwa would be more burdened society to not golput. So that more people are expected to actively participate in political rights.

Can you mention the politicians behind golput unlawful discharge of this fatwa, who are they?
I think, to name it something that is not ethical. But if you want to know personally, may you come to the office and asked the MUI Data Center data to the committee .... hahahaha or please go to open the newspaper, I think the name is my name does not mean foreign kok.

There is a message for the people of Indonesia before the 2009 elections?
The most important thing people should be selective in choosing their representatives for the current market is like the nomination of members legisltaif job, where all levels of society could have to perform, even without having the capabilities and qualifications to serve as a politician who has a big responsibility. My message, choose a leader who can actually fight for the people of worse off.


NB: This interview was conducted well before the April 2009 elections. However, this was the first time can be written.

Start the Bung Aziz, thank you for the interview prepared by me even though eye tends not to be compromised by night more soundly in silence.

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Rohman Abdul Manap Come "Peaceful Election"
You know Columns Tutorial Blogspot blogs are famous? yes, behind the greatness that is also an occasional blog about the tutorial discusses wordpress, google adsense, and others that there are other generous people behind it. In the header just blog written tagline "The Beauty of Sharing". He is Rohman Abdul Manap, he was usually called Kang Rohman.

Do not be surprised if it turns out the man who lives in Bandung and working in one software company in Jakarta is not set in the IT field of science discipline. "I am self-taught, all I learned on the internet" he said as written in a blog posting on it.

In fact, I Rohman, when he was still unemployed and want to find a job, he told his friend find a job news on the internet and send a proposal via email. "Never mind the email, Google only time I do not know, being what it is" funny Rohman recalled.

That bit of experience in the world of IT Rohman. Today, this cool-looking guy was a "celebrity" blogger Indonesia, even the world.

Just so you know, the template / layout blogger who is not his work was not just a little in enjoyed by the insiders, but also from abroad. Evidenced by the number of incoming comments in English on the English edition of the blog asked about the design and blogs.

In addition, this Sunda blooded male has a nice extra income from the internet. Even income exceeds the amount of his salary from where he works, "yes, it is enough to feed the children and wife for several months" he said, still in one's writing on their blogs.

Come to enliven Contest "Peace Campaign Indonesia Election 2009"
It is said Rohman, participation in the contest Peace SEO Indonesia Election Campaign 2009 organized by Pogung177 actually just come brisk. "I did not expect to win, anyways my SEO knowledge is very superficial. As a cheerleader is not what what is it?" he said jokingly.

Rohman believed and believe that the hundreds of millions of Indonesia Indonesia wants the 2009 general election is like to walk safely, smoothly, and successful. "There need be no conflict, let alone the noise no bloodshed. Therefore Peace Campaign 2009 Election Indonesia should always voiced, agreed?" Rohman wrote in one of the temaKampanye Peace postingannya Indonesia Election 2009. agree ..!!!

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Blind Joint Meeting of the Muslim
"Praise be to also" funny Rahmadi Hadi, Vice Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Muslim Blind (ITMI) Regional Executive Board of the East Jakarta, as has just set foot in Masjid Baitul Karim, Hidayatullah DPP Office Complex.
Hadi is not alone. Several other blind groups belonging to the organization that has up to 5 DPD kepengerusan in Jakarta area is also already arrived. They come in succession with one guide in front.

Their arrival on Saturday morning (25/09) yesterday was to attend the Joint Pengajian diselenggerakan by DPD ITMI East Jakarta. The event is held in partnership with the Postal Dai Hidayatullah with the support of Baitul Maal Hidayatullah this is not playing games.

Invited speakers are Sobari Asep Lc, researcher in history at the Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought & Civilization (INSISTS). The theme is appointed Palestinian History and the Nation of Israel. "Between February and March, the focus of study is more to football ITMI actions and movements of Secularism, Pluralism, and Liberalism" said Yogi Madsoni, ITMI Jakarta Regional Secretary who acted as moderator when delivered introduction.

According to Yogi, the study of this kind of study is very important for a better understanding of global Islam to Muslims and the blind as well as to other Muslims, "nevertheless, we also have great attention to problems that occurred in Palestine is" Pungkas Yogi.

It diamini Ponco Subagyo. Chairman of the Committee who is also Chairman of the Regional Leadership ITMI East Jakarta, was admitted several times carrying out the same activities with the study and a different theme. Poncho hope, with this kind of activity added to a sense of solidarity with other Muslims. "Because Islam is derived for the win over another ideology. Without a strong ukhuwwah, impossible could be achieved "said Ponco.

Solidarity Blind

The scene that looks at the Baitul Karim Mosque looks unique. The event which lasted until late Dhuhur was almost entirely filled by the blind. Despite looking like falling asleep when he heard the speaker presentation, their extraordinary enthusiasm when entering the term frequently asked questions.

Mr. Dadang, one questioner who was blinded permanently (total Blaind) since this small show of hands. "Can you explain more about the history of thought and Shaykh Abdul Qodir Gilani" said Dadang comment on one part of the speaker had discussed. Dadang seemed not too pleased.

Until late in Dhuhur time, questions the blind continue to flow. They do not just ask, there is also a protest and ask for further clarification.

Touching, they have a very big concern for other Muslims, especially in Palestine, "they are there in Palestine is our brother. The atmosphere there is already gradually cool, but we should not be silent, too "said Budi Hermawan, one blind encountered when the show ended.

"I want to deepen their knowledge about the ins and outs SEPILIS easy not to succumb to the misguided thinking" says Ahmad, the other blind.

randomness Opinion About Jewish
Asep delivery Sobari in explaining that the problem is happening in Palestine still remains a supremely wounds in. Until now, according to Asep, many of the Muslims who think that the tragedy of Palestine is only a matter of purely humanitarian, not a religious war. Such thinking was born and spread due to rush of media opinion and scientific description was correct.

"This is especially digencarkan by those who have been affected by the virus sepilis. They are trying to build an opinion that could mislead the Muslims to be more muted response to the Palestinian problem, or even condone Israeli aggression on the Palestinian militias "Pungkas this Gontor Alumni.

It said Asep, the science that should be taken to the netherworld as stock, it just stopped on this earth. No doubt, many people are labeled as Muslim intellectuals, but it has bablas mindset. This is unfortunate Graduate S1 in Munawwaroh Islamic University of Medina, Saudi Arabia is. "Science is not senmakin make them closer to God, but it added to much." Asep dear.

Thus, light Asep, the media is essential to master in order to compensate for the Muslims who attack sometimes frenzied distortion of the sepilis this. [* Ainuddin]

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Kamis, 23 April 2009
The struggle Roy
It is to put the stomach just takes hard work. Life is to be moved. Likewise did the Roy. He had to slam tireless bone pile for food that could eliminate sore belly. Roy was not fat stature. Very thin and even.

Roy is the type of hard worker relentless. When hunger comes whipping, he was moving and doing the monitoring. Such is the SWOT analysis. Day pass the day that Roy is not always beautiful. Multiplied by the time he could have success with getting profitable booster stomach. But at other times life could be threatened. But once again, this one Roy did seem high-minded. He should be nicknamed "The Hard Worker"

I also do not know why he was called The Roy. And he's just a quirky cat Lecture participating in Dormitory Dai Mandiri Bogor. Roy's name also does not seem to fit with the all-shabby himself. He called Paijo fitting, more typical of the village. Roy is more appropriate when used cat fur fur city maintained it.

According to several colleagues there, he was called so because the fun just friends. Even so, Roy's name was attached tightly to the figure of a cat is not macho. He was only a cat ndeso far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

I myself took this picture. Exactly the day Sunday, 22/03/09 Bogor Laladon me to follow and cover the event Christology renovation Training . As a guest speaker is from Garamatan Fadhlan Ustadz AFKN Foundation (Al-Fatih Kaafah Nusantara) and Ustadz Papua Province. Kodiran Salim, Independent Researcher Cross Scripture.

This started when the prayer was finished Dhuhur, lunch was served already. After lunch, the trash bin boxes incorporated into the former mineral water. After that cardboard boxes are pushed aside into a corner. Not discarded. Soon the show begins. Roy Kinilah time for action.

Berlangsungh next session. Roy started the action. While participants had fun listening to the speaker speaks, Roy came up with a hunger that may be unbearable. Moreover, he was previously only as a loyal audience, although occasionally flirting with eleusan body, the instinct to eat it even more peaked. Following Roy's actions had caught the camera:

Action # 1
 With one leg raised like a champ kungfu, Roy seems to try hard to reach something. There are rumors, headache empty stomach, empty barrels cat dies. This rumor is true. Roy had felt it. If this box is empty without the bones, how the destruction of the liver The Roy. Roy's selection seemed decent food in his stomach consumption.

Action # 2
 Not satisfied only search the surface, Roy continued his search harder. He sniffed the head if there were fresh fish or bones. The two front legs have come perfectly paw.

Action # 3
 Roy got something. He shifted slightly ketengah. His head sunk in a box, whether doing there. Energy accumulated in the front legs. Seoke of smell may also be installed.

Action # 4
 Fuuh, just be bones. Bone dilicintandaskannya instantly. He was so hungry.

Action # 5
 Despite the wrapped and covered with layers of strong, crackle Itupun tore. Roy seemed disappointed. He did not get something that can fill his stomach. Only a bone can not mengenyangkannya. Oh Roy, what a pity thee.

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Not Complete, Call Return and Start Again
Hasan, not his real name, dither. He should return "slam bones" to simply make a report on the use of funds donated have been in one of the Islamic Financial Institution in Jakarta. Hasan had repeatedly made and send the report but always mental, ditolak.ogor report

Since last Wednesday (22/04), Hasan who worked as a secretary to one of community empowerment Institute in East Jakarta was bathed in sweat. That day, a few sheets of print-where nannya scattered around. "Sprue again. Stress I think" selorohnya.

Office without Air Conditioner makes it even more heat. The fan is mounted in the sky sky flying office papers often only existing paper.

Subsidies from the providers are very strict requirements. chapters, Financial Institutions also have an obligation to report to the utilization of donor danannya. Hasan is not alone. Some institutions that receive funds from the same institutions are also often confused in making the report.

Reportedly, not one or two times it rejected the report, even several times. The reason of sorts. There are not yet perfect, there is not yet signed handle, and other matters important cases which the manufacturer may consider it unnecessary reports.

"However, this is a process to be better. So far, we do not know and did not implement systems and good management. Finally, as this has become" the children of this man.

Sabar ya Mr. Hasan. The man was infertile patient ...;)

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After bird flu, pig flu spread
A girl aged 19 years in Imperial County and boys aged 10 years in San Diego County identified swine flu virus.

As reported by Antara News Agency, swine flu in humans have been found in the Imperial and San Diego in Southern California, USA, Wednesday. Furthermore, these sources as quoted by Antara, though the disease usually results in respiratory problems in pigs, swine flu rarely attack humans. But even so, we must remain cautious.


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With Becak, Race Around the Asean
Age range of 50 years and above. As the classic saying goes, old old old taro growing increasingly jadu. Age it is quite aging Nano does not make people go out of date. With the stock disandangnya academic and English language ability is decent, humorous man whose full name Drs. Luckily Nano Firmansyahini, bet in the competition to be number one for the disabled who can surround Indonesia and ASEAN.

Competition that may sound weird most people are held by Rehablitasi Solo (RS), an NGO funding for the note and special berkpribadian. As stated Nano, this competition to find the best person to choose to surround Indonesia and ASEAN. This competition, continued Nano, in follow as many people with disabilities 9 feet, and then only choose one best nominee. Requirements, minimal formal education and speak English.

Nano when asked about the existence of Rehabilitation Solo this contest did not specify clearly what is in the hospital mean, he only said briefly, RS (Rehabilitation Solo). Is Nano intend to call Dr RSO. Soepomo, Orthopedic Services Hospitals and Medical Rehabilitation in Solo, we can not ensure. However, Nano clearly says Solo. The following interview excerpt:

Naik apa Pak?
Naik Bis

Naik Bis?maksud Bapak?
Saya naik bis, Bismillahahirrahmanirrahim, saya dalam rangka keliling Indonesia dan ASEAN (sambil memperlihatkan beberapa surat keterangan dari tempat tempat mana saja yang Ia sudah singgahi)

Dengan menggunakan kursi roda seperti ini?
Iya, kursi roda ini sudah ganti Ban sebanyak enam kali.

Rute perjalanannya kemana saja Pak?
Ini baru dari Purbalingga. Setelah di Jakarta ini, saya akan melanjutkan ke Merak.

Dengan kursi roda ini Bapak yakin akan bisa keliling Indonesia dan ASEAN?
Ini baru kompetisi. Kami ada 9 orang. Nanti akan dipilih satu diantara kami yang paling layak untuk prosesi selanjutnya. Makanya persyaratannya minimal bisa paham bahasa Inggris karena akan keluar. Mau ngomong apa nanti kalo di luar kalau tidak
bisa bahasa Ingris.

Jadi, peserta yang ikut ini jago jago bahasa Inggrisnya?
Jelas, inikan programnya keliling ASEAN. Kalo gak bisa bahasa Inggris kan kacau nanti di negara luar sana.

Termasuk Bapak juga, tentunya?
Iya sedikit sedikit.

Sudah berapa lama perjalannya?

Sudah enam bulan dan sudah enam kali juga ganti ban.

Siapa yang mengadakan kompetisi ini?
Rehabilitasi Solo (RS), RS ini adalah lembaga penyandang dana cacat di Solo. RS memiliki lembaga pendidikan formal. Saya sendiri lulusan disana dibidang Ekonomi.

Kakinya bisa dipakai jalan?
Yo bisalah, wong saya punya istri, punya anak. Kedua kaki saya seperti ini karena polio sejak kecil sehingga mengecil begini (mengangkat celananya agak ketas memperlihatkan kakinya).

Bagaimana kalau misalnya Bapak kemalaman di perjalanan, nginapnya dimana?
Bukan nginap, tapi menjalankan amanah. Ya, biasanya nginap di rumah rumah warga. Itupun saya juga harus minta surat keterangan kepada tuan rumah dimana saya menginap untuk laporan nanti. Intinya, saya menjalankan amanah saja

Amanah, maksudnya?
Ini kan diseleksi, jadi saya harus melaporkan semua apa yang saya jalani dan saya kerjakan, termasuk ketika saya menginap dirumah warga, itu semua harus ada keterangannya.

Istri dan anak anak Bapak ditinggal atau bagaimana?

Bukan ditinggal, kurang tepat bahasanya itu. Tapi saya dikasih restu sama mereka. Kalau kata ditinggal kan konotasinya agak kurang enak kedengarannya. Nanti seperti ditinggal pergi, ditinggal mati, dan lain lain. Jadi, saya tidak meninggalkan istri dan anak tapi saya direstui oleh mereka

Apa tidak melepuh tangan Bapak tanpa kaos tangan dengan perjalanan yang ditempuh sangat jauh ini?

Gak papa, biasa aja. Kalo pake kaos tangan malah gak cakram...hahaha...

Setelah wawancara singkat ini dilakukan, Pak Nano berpamitan untuk melanjutkan perjalanan setelah diberi beberapa lembar rupiah . Setiap tempat yang disinggahi, Nano selalu minta surat keterangan sebagai bukti bahwa Ia sudah menginjak daerah itu. Seperti yang diperlihatkan kepada wartawan kami, Nano sudah mampir ke kantor DPW Partai Bulan Bintang Jakarta Timur, Kimia Farma Jaktim, dan masih banyak tempat tempat yang lain. Nano meninggalkan kerumunan yang tidak terlau banyak jumlahnya itu sembari mengucapkan, Thank You Thank You dengan senyum sumringah.

Semoga Pak Nano bisa menggapai cita citanya untuk keliling ASEAN meski tampak disana dini ada ketidakberesan yang kemudian memantik kecurigaan. semoga saja perkiraan ini salah.

Ket: Nama koran hanya iseng. Gambar sekedar ilustrasi, di pinjam disini

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Senin, 20 April 2009
Dr. Adian Husaini: "Education, Roots of Liberalism"
Vice Chairman of the Commission on Interfaith Relations Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Center, Adian Husaini said that the current education movement has become the basis of liberalism. It was stated Adian as a speaker at the Islamic Family Pengajian (PAKIS) IV in musholla Baabul Jannah, Castle Insani Sector I Block E-Grand Depok City, on Sunday morning (19/04), yesterday.

According to Adian, education became the basis of the liberals to continue to spread their understanding of the educated. Their efforts are not playing games. They are big sponsors and lots. Their movements, by Adian, referred to as "The Liberalization of Language".

"In the world of education, they then perform distortion of thought and teachings of Islam" he concluded.

"What is considered outstanding and intelligent universiras university sekolahkan famous in Europe, the target for a fighter Estafeta this liberal thinking" continued Lecturer Postgraduate University Ibn Khaldun on the study with the theme: "Dismantling Liberalization Movement mask of Islam in Indonesia" is.

The Liberal Islam also tend to force the naming and labeling that makes the face of Islam is cruel and gratuitous. Actually, firmly Adian, in Islam there is no such term Moderate Islam, Fundamental Islam, the Islamic militants, Islamic Puritans, and other nickname nickname.

Islam is only one, namely Islam who follow the Qur'an and As Sunnah. And imaging labels attached to the Islam that was then a major impact on the Islamic Ummah.

"Thousands of Muslims who died in Afghanistan but no one protested, just because they have been branded as Islamic militants by the media. Militant connotation is more directed to acts of terrorism, so we have regarded them as terrorists. We have been trapped in a distortion that was built by the media who are pro-liberal "Adian said he had just earned a doctorate in the field of Islamic civilization with very good title at the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization, International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM-ISTAC) with a dissertation titled : Exclusivism and Evengelisme in The Second Vatican Council: A Critical Reading of the Second Vatican Councils Documents in The Light Of The Ad Gentes And The Nostra Aetate.

"The Liberal Islam and his followers had built the strength and a new attack called by the term The Liberalization of Language, liberalization through language. The language of their communication through the media sometimes do not feel fine has brought Muslims liberal thought pattern "he continued.

In line with Adian. Asep Syamsul M. Romli, S. IP in his book Islamic demonology, Western efforts Wipe out Islam Strength (GIP, 2000), explained that demonology is the portrayal of Islam or Islamic imagery as a demon (the devil, demons, or ghosts) that evil (evil) and cruel (cruel) . He also could mean a systematic engineering to place Islam and its people in order to be viewed as a very scary threat.

Demonology process takes place through a negative image about Islam and his fighters, through penjulukan-penjulukan terrorism, fundamentalism, mass media popularized.

Noam Chomsky, American linguist's leading express, worsening the image of Islam is part of the West, especially the superpower United States organize the world according to their interests again and again of course with the nearby sabahat lobby, Jewish.

Evidence "mutual love" America - Liberal Islam

Fatih Syuhud, Bachelor of Political Science, Agra University, India, in his "America and Islam Liberal" published Harian Pelita Jakarta, July 11, 2005, launch of a thick 525 page document, released by think tank the U.S. neo-conservative who is very influential and many support the White House policy, RAND Corporation, specially prepared for the air force (AU) the United States.

The document titled: Muslim World After 9 / 11, it underlines the U.S. strategy that will reduce the conditions that can create political and religious extremism and anti-American attitudes among the Muslim community of the world. In this document the U.S. suggest that creating and supporting a liberal Islamic network that consists of an international moderate Muslim who will be challenging the legitimacy of radical Islamist circles claim to speak on behalf of Islam, and offers a liberal understanding of religion.

Advanced Syuhud, this document warned that the liberal Islamic groups may lack the necessary financial resources to form a large network and therefore asked the U.S. to fund the various activities of these circles.

Of course, liberal Muslims who want to help, it is expected to focus their criticism on radical Islamist circles, and perhaps, be asked to remain silent sweet in so many errors of U.S. foreign policy, or loss of funds as the stakes.

Therefore, what the U.S. should do is find a way to neutralize the extremists with the help of moderate Muslims, without making any changes struktrual in terms of economic policy, politics and strategy.

With regard the problems of extremism as pure evil created by the Islamists, writes Syuhud, so this document focuses only on the issue of extremism in the name of Islam while not one mention of extremism that are not small by Jewish and Christian fundamentalists. The report also does not mention at all the American support for radical Islamists in the past (such as in Afghanistan against the Soviets) or the conservative Muslim groups in an effort to overcome the influence of the left, nationalists and anti-imperialist.

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